Below is the list of Storm Humbert’s published writing still available online. Works are listed in reverse order of publication.

Stolen Sky (Press Release can be found here)

  • “It was beautifully written. Caught me right from the opening, and I felt like I was in the hands of a real professional all the way.” – David Farland
  • “This starts off with so much hope, so much joy and wonder at discovering new things, but ends on such a bittersweet note. That last line… oof.” – Goodreads Review
  • “This is a gently melancholy story, beautifully written, with many poetic descriptions. It addresses the issue of cultural appropriation in a calm and thoughtful manner.” – Tangent Online
  • “A great moral fairytale on colonization, giving a snapshot of how it might feel to be completely dominated by another race, or in this case species. Sad ending. I wish there was some hope brought in here, but given what the story is, I suppose that’s not to be expected.” – Liz Buzby


  • “Verum” is a bittersweet tale about friendship and the human condition. The narrative’s feel is somber and, as a result, it was a little slower-paced than expected but still a very good read.” – Tangent Online
  • “A gestalt to be worked at. As I do. But did I read this, or did I dream it, or did I actually live it for real till the very edge of the black hole? The fireflies and coyotes et al. The characters of the two drug-pushers, and their interface of motives, are compellingly told…” – The Des Lewis Gestalt Real-Time Reviews

Master Brahams (with author interview by Andrea Johnson)

  • “It’s creepy and it’s a fascinating kind of whodunit, and it’s certainly worth checking out. A fun read!” – Charles Payseur
  • “I’ve read plenty of stories about clones, but I don’t recall ever seeing one about how a clone would psychologically cope with being a clone before. This is fresh, fascinating territory.” – SFF Reviews

Wet Blood and Garnet Stones, originally published in Andromeda Spaceways but reprinted in the Storyteller’s Series print edition and available for free HERE.